Hello, fellow web gamer. I have a lot of new interactive games coming up besides this Pick 3 or Die game. This game's popularity has soared and all it is is a crappy DHTML match 3 game. But I have some shoot em up games on the way as well as some fun quiz games and the ultimate S&M game. So stay tuned!

So, what the hell's taking so long?
I know, I know, you're sick of the stupid cheesy games and chats and what not. But I've been doing extremely intensive Java Programming so I can bring you what I call my first 'graphical MUD'. For those of you who are like, 'screw you, bring me Quake!', let me explain.
As my code grows, it's going to start off as a bunch of crappy interactive, graphical chat and mingle sessions. I just don't want to give away any of my ingenious perspectives, so I can really say is Don't Hurt Me, and Stay Tuned for a never seen before stand alone Java application that would make even Drew Barrymore feel like she ain't done it all...
And as for those of you who know what MUD's are... don't piss your pants in excitement you friggin addicts you... I'll be bringing you plenty of screen shots as the game develops. The people involved in the game programming and design.. lemme see...
as of December

Java Graphic Programming - Midknight
Network & Socket Programming - Midknight
Graphic Design - Midknight
Game Optimization - Midknight
Compile Stress - Midknight
Yup. That looks about right. So screw you guys who complain about me going against game delivery development models or whatever. I'm stressed and my life's in the shitter right now.

Why Program in Java, why Not Win32 API?
Many Reasons.
A) I'm stupid - I mean, I think I LIKE being broke or something even though I hate it.
B) I've been curious about Java's networking capablities. I know about Java's power as far as being what I call 'an interacitve assister' when I assisted in developing an interactive VRML simulation of the Saturn V launch for HBO.
C) I was originally going to design it as a DHTML interbred Java Applet, but I figured you guys would probably want to actually play the game and not play 'stare at the blank grey java applet while it loads'. I decided stand alone was the way to go, but the DHTML part would have been cool, if Netscape and IE would just get their shit together. They don't realize the stress that these hyped up browser wars bring up and coming developers like myself who can't afford a web team. Not to mention the instabilites of DHTML on both platforms. Not to mention that cross developing in DHTML is on thing. Cross developing Java? I mean that makes no fuckin sense what so ever, and it's all Microsoft's fault. That brings me to
D) A Java application can be viewed on all platforms thanks to their trusty little toolkit (piece of crap). And this portability would be great, especially for the type of game I'm making now, and the games I will make in the future. The PC gaming market has been sucked to shit. A lot of the games are crap, only a few classics remain (Origin's Ultima Online, Kings Quest), and a few newbies are pretty kick ass (Blizzard's Starcraft, Westwood's Command & Conquer), but it's become such a sapped market that the development time and profit expectations have dilapidated creativity. But enough from me, cause I'm broke, so nevermind.
So what's the name of the game you ask? Why, it'll be of similar name as the MUD I coded and ran years ago. Bedlam: 2047 -- or maybe, Bedlam: Life in Suineg. You decide. But what I'll be doing is porting as I write, meaning, I'll port game applets that you can play as I furthur develop the game until I build an interface where I can develop the code or the game while you guys are playing. Kay? And who knows, maybe I'll write the first commercial succesfully Java application in the history of software development. Pray for me, okay?
If you want to help me on the game, just hit me up with mail at midknight@skratchpad.com.

Love your friend and companion,